How to Access Blocked Websites Without VPN App

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Hey guys, Well you probably knows the facts that most of the websites are being blocked in school, colleges, or workplaces, or by governments. There are many websites like adult content, movie, and torrents websites blocked by government. But there are several method available to access those blocked websites, using of proxy website, vpn, and IPs. I am gonna show the trick actually its not a tricks you may heard these popular web browser called Opera. Using opera you can easily access or view blocked websites.


Opera Browser with free VPN :-

Opera browser is a fast and safe web browser for your android phones and PC with in-built ad blocker and now its new free VPN feature for android. Earlier this VPN feature only available and working with opera PC, Now this VPN feature added to the Opera android and I’m using this while now.


Features of Opera :-

  • Block ads by in-built ad blocker
  • Improved privacy and security with free, unlimited and built-in VPN
  • Personalized news feed
  • Private browsing (Incognito mode)
  • Night mode for comfortable reading and least eye strain
  • Home screen shortcuts
  • Manage download easily
  • Read comfortably on any screen


How to Access Blocked Websites using Opera :-

You dont need to install any VPN app. If you already have opera in your phone and didn’t see VPN just hit the update or you don’t you how to access then here’s the step.

Steps :-


  1. Install latest opera browser from Download Opera
  2. After installation open opera browser
  3. Turn on Private tab and enable VPN
  4. There you go, enjoy


Note :- If you want more browser faster than opera and capable of blocking ads and accessible of block website without in-built VPN then, I covered already you can try this article Fastest Web Browser for Android.


Using the Free Proxy :-

1. HIDEme Proxy

  1.  Open hideme in new tab in your browser
  2.  Enter the address of a blocked website in text box
  3.  Select different country by clicking proxy location


2. ProxFree Proxy

  1.  Open ProxFree in new tab in your browser
  2.  Enter the address in search bar right to the SSL is enabled
  3. Select server location and choose IP address location and then hit PROXFREE


3. ProxySite Proxy

  1.  Open ProxySite in new tab in your browser
  2. Select server and enter url and go


Note :- All working proxy as of now in case if above proxy sites not working for you or they might be blocked then you can try this too

  1.  KPROXY
  2.  Free Web Proxy
  3.  ProxySite
  4.  HIDEmyASS!
  5.  CroxyProxy
  6.  Proxy Site


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