10 Best Android Emulators for Windows 2021

Hello friends, you may be looking for best android emulator some times when you want to run android games or app in bigger display or your phone lag while gaming such as high graphics intensive games like PUBG, Asphalt, etc. Windows PC or laptop can out perform and gives you better gaming experience.

Best Android Emulator For PC Free

Another android emulator feature is that you enjoy multiplayer and add joystick or remote on your PC. Best thing is that on shooting games ease to handle and perform of combination of keyboard+mouse so aiming get faster and more accurate as compare to mobile FPS gaming. There are lots of android emulator present in market so which one is best or more stable and work flawless so, here I provide you a list as per my experience I used all below five android emulator.


1. Tencent Gaming Buddy

PUBG mobile is the most popular game in Asia which is shooting game most of the person wants to play. Tencent Gaming Buddy is perfect for PUBG mobile developed by Tencent, it is stable, smooth, flexible and precise control with combination of mouse and keyboard.


  • English and Chinese language supports
  • Comes rooted
  • Perfect configured controls for PUBG mobile
  • Controls are customizable
  • Work in low configuration computers
  • Doesn’t ask for any type of account creation
  • No need for registration



2. Nox Player

Nox player is one of the best android emulator which is based on android kitkat and combination of mouse and keyboard gameplay of shooting games. Its some feature are complicated but you can handle it with ease. It has smooth and user friendly interface you can experience. You can select amount of cores and ram which you want to use for Nox player. It allows you to select the graphics mode between DirectX or OpenGL.


  • Drag and drop the apps for adding apps
  • Rooted
  • Play more than one app at same time



3. BlueStacks

You may be familiar with bluestacks because it is the most famous and older android emulator based on android 4.4 kitkat. Bluestacks much easier interface as compare of above two and you can love to stick with it.


  • Inbuilt Google PlayStore
  • Play more than one app
  • Facebook live streaming this one’s unique
  • Current Android Version 7.1.2 Nougat



4. Remix Os Player

Remix Os is based on Marshmallow Android 6. Remix Os works smoothly with little consumption of ram, process and very user friendly interface compare to all emulator out in the markets as of now.


  • Open many apps at a same time
  • PlayStore on home screen for fast and easy access
  • User friendly interface



5. Memu

Memu emulator is the another alternatives for above android emulator which provides seamless and high performance experience of gaming on your PC and Mac with android apps. That is based on Android marshmallow, Compatible with mostly all chipset that is Intel, AMD or Nvidia so no need to worry.


  • Drag and drop installation of apps
  • User friendly interface
  • Function available on right side of the screen
  • Keyboard mapping
  • Screen record and screenshot



Above are the top best of best android emulator but there is more android emulator available in the market so I am not forget all those  emulators so, I am gonna list them below if you like you can use them too.


6. Ko Player

Ko player is a new emulator in the market based on android 4.4 kitkat. Built to perform well for 32-bit(86x) PC which will gives better performance, stability and compatibility.


7. Droid 4X

Droid 4x is another android emulator which is based on android 4.4 kitkat. User interface easy to operate and works smoothly, you can experience android apps and games on big screen.

8. Andy Os

Andy Os is a powerful android emulator and great user interface you gonna love the android game play on big screen wether you play racing, fighting or FPS games.

9. LeapDroid

LeapDroid is based on android 4.4 kitkat comes with powerful android stimulator includes some pre installed apps camera, music, and browser etc. You can download mostof the popular android games like PUBG, asphalt 9, subway surfer etc and enjoy on big screen of your PC or Mac.


AMIDuOS is built and developed by American Megatrends, ones the company makes bios for PC and laptops which a american company. Runs smoothly if net framework 4 or above installed works on both windows 7 as well as windows 8. AMIDuOS have google playstore and amazon app store but my honest opinion amazon app store doesn’t have any stands of google playstore as of now. Comes with rooted so no need to worry for some root requires appare working or not all are works like charm.


Conclusion :-

Most of the game lovers wants to play games in big screen but we can’t experience that on android mobile so android emulator comes to play the role. Which is every best android emulator are capable to give full screen android game play. Top above five emulator I used and that gives best user experience for me and other emulator I name as of my known so, if I miss any best emulator or you know just mention on comment section or any query feel free to drop text on comment.


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