10 Best Websites To Download GIF’s For Whatsapp

Hello Friends, I am gonna share Best Websites To Download GIF’s For Whatsapp  I think every body uses emojis and gifs on their text while chatting with friends cause its a best way to express your feelings in front of others. When it comes to whatsapp status we update status generally funny, cute, songs, prank clips etc. But question is that where we found those, well I know some of the best gif’s sites which link download below with their name.

Download Free GIF’s From Top Animated GIF’s Sites For Whatsapp

Animated GIF’s and funny GIF’s collection you can download and use for different social platforms like whatsapp, facebook, instagram, etc. These GIF websites having huge numbers of GIF collection, the list of gif websites listed below so you can check these awesome GIF collection.


1. Reddit GIF’s –

On reddit, you will find gif’s which is trending world wide. There are sub categories of huge gif collection some are listed below –





There are lot more. You can see a search bar on top ( search r/gifs ) where you are able to search gifs. Apart from this you can actually vote thumbs up or thumbs down on basis of what you feel on that GIF and comment. You able to upload and submit your gif’s.

ViSiT – Reddit GIF’s


2. Tumblr GIF’s –

You can see on tumblr, there are many different categories are available which is uploaded by many user. You can get lot more variety of gif’s and some unique gifs from all around the world.

ViSiT – Tumblr GIF’s


3. Reaction GIF’s –

As on the name reaction gif’s having lots of reaction categories of gif like scare, omg, surprize, etc. This website is for feelings what you felt you get gif based on your search.

ViSiT – Reaction GIF’s


4. Giphy –

Giphy is the biggest animated gif collection it was launched in 2013 as a search engine for gif’s. Giphy was very famous app and websites, giphy app available on google playstore and IOS store. Giphy allows to you search several kinds of gif for example funny GIFs, happy GIFs, comedy GIFs, animated GIFs, animated stickers, emojis, reaction GIFs, etc. You can explore on giphy from Game of Thrones to Hunger Games, TV memes,music, movies, comedy central, etc.

ViSiT – Giphy



5. Gifbin –

Gifbin is another huge database of gif after giphy. Here you will find various gifs newest, oldest, top rated, most viewed and commented. Gifbin redefines gif ability by several tags and labels and find on their gifbin website.

ViSiT – Gifbin


6. Awesome GIFs –

Awesome GIFs is a tremendous GIFs collection that are uploaded by users for users. You can make your gif and upload on website. You will find GIF from TV, Movies, Music, Comedy, Reaction, Cute etc.

ViSiT – Awesome GIFs


7. Gfycat –

Gfycat is the new in the game. This website have some unique and trending GIFs collection, you can access either one of the way you can visit on their websites or if you are android or IOS user then you can download the app from google playstore and IOS  store.

ViSiT – Gfycat


8. Funny or Die –

Funny or die as the name suggest, it has different from others cause it has most humorous gif which are trending around the world. This website releases trending gif weekly.

ViSiT – Funny or Die


9. What Should We Call Me –

Most relatable GIF available on this website and some gif has subtitle on their clip with awesome reaction. You will find some of gif useful on your social platform for share.

ViSiT – What Should We Call Me


10. Gifdora –

Gifdora is the most newest and recent launched sites in 2017. It become so popular in less time cause it consist quality and massive quantity of GIF’s. It includes various types of gif like animated, party, happy, dancing gif etc.

ViSiT – Gifdora


Final word –

Hope you like it and find some useful and interesting GIF’s  for your WhatsApp, Facebook, status or other social media sites. Share with others and if you have any query then feel free to drop your comment.

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