Download Free Best WhatsApp MODs Collection For Android 2021

Hello friends, today I’m gonna write about best whatsapp mod apk as you already know that some of modded whatsapp apps like GBWhatsapp, OGWhatsapp, etc but there are more third party whatsapp modded apps you don’t know which bring many features so I am gonna list all modded whatsapp app. These apps are modified version of official whatsapp which allows to change theme, change whatsapp logo, recall deleted chat, etc in such cases people use whatsapp mod to get such features because you won’t get in official whatsapp app.

What Is WhatsApp MOD APK?

MOD is a short form came from the word modified. So you understand whatsapp MOD is nothing but its a modified version of official whatsapp which is offered by facebook. Whatsapp MOD app is modified by third party developers. You can download any one best whatsapp mod for android. Also check how to play youtube in background

Benefits Of Whatsapp MOD Apk

There are lots of advantages of using whatsapp mod over the official whatsapp app that is available on play store. It offers a wide range of customization and give more features well these customization features vary mod by mod.

There are many reasons to install a whatsapp mod in your smartphone because when you use modded app you able to use two whatsapp account in one device. How to root any android device easily without computer

Best Whatsapp MOD Apps 2021

As I mention above there are lots of whatsapp mods available in the internet. You can’t download all and test which whatsapp mod best for you. This article will helpful to you find best whatsapp mod for you which suit most and these whatsapp mod tested by me, whatsapp mod comes with lots of custom stickers . So no need to worry you will find here a fine list of best whatsapp mods 2021. List is down below these whatsapp mods 100% safe and secure to use, I cover almost all features as per respective whatsapp mod apk.

1. GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsapp is quite popular in early 2018, this app include custom stickers and group call which is unique. GBWhatsapp is compatible with almost all android devices and it offers various customisation over the other whatsapp mod available on internet. Down below some of its awesome features that offers by GBWhatsapp mod

  • Create own sticker
  • Supports group call
  • Theme supported
  • Unlimited stories and status
  • Customized chats, contacts, videos, photos and many more
  • Change app icon (logo) so that no one knows that you have installed whatsapp on your device
  • Block calls hide from any contact
  • User can hide double tick, blue tick, online status and more
  • Able to read deleted message by recall message feature
  • Supports 100+ languages

You can download GBWhatsapp and enjoy its feature because GBWhatsapp is one of best whatsapp mod available on internet. Checkout top 10 emoji’s app

GBWhatsApp Pro v8.00 APK

   Download GBWhatsApp v8.00 APK

2. WhatsApp Plus

Lots of people are already know that this whatsapp plus apk because I covered in brief in my other article. All whatsapp mod apk comes with similar kind of features but what makes whatsapp plus one of the best whatsapp mod because it comes with anti-ban features. Whatsapp+ MOD APK can put your status always online, hide any status and many more also check its other features listed below

  • Anti-Ban feature make this app unique
  • Supports audio and video call
  • Wide privacy option
  • Enable or disable blue, grey ticks and double tick
  • User can reply to others even when you are showing busy
  • Send documents size upto 100MB
  • Group admin can add upto 256 members in whatsapp group
  • User can send file size upto 30MB
  • User send HD images to others

Whatsapp plus apk requires android 6.0 marshmallow or API 23.

WhatsApp Plus v8.00 APK

   Download WhatsApp Plus v8.00 APK

3. FMWhatsApp MOD Apk

This FMWhatsapp offers list customization but you can send file size more than 1GB to anyone and offers more than 20 types of tick and bubble style. FMWhatsapp also has a pink theme called as hello kitten dedicated to women and its other features are listed below download spotify premium for free

  • Lock chat
  • Support 5-minute status video length
  • Customize your chat windows
  • Supports facebook emojis and imessanger styles
  • User can hide chats
  • User can change their last seen

FMWhatsapp v8.05 APK

4. OGWhatsAPP

OGWhatsapp is another whatsapp mod anti ban that offer you various features. By using these whatsapp mod you can able to run two whatsapp account on same smartphone. This app is provide a large numbers of theme and you can send large size of file.

OGWhatsApp Pro v8.10 APK

5. YoWhatsApp

YoWhatsapp is another popular whatsapp mod commonly known as YOWA just like FMWA. Yowhatsapp is developed by Yousef-Al-Basha that allows to run triple whatsapp account with same device. This modded app UI is very close to one we have seen in official whatsapp but you can customize any time.

  • Call blocker
  • Themes
  • Send more than file size 500MB
  • Hide online status
  • Hangouts UI
  • Set your name in main screen
  • hide and view status
  • Call privacy feature
  • Secure your chats with fingerprint lock
  • Hide DP from conversation screen
  • Change font styles
  • Emoji
  • Read anyone’s status in conversation bar

YoWhatsApp v7.90 APK

   Download YoWhatsApp v7.9 APK

6. Delta GBWhatsApp

Delta GBWhatsapp is nothing different as compare to GBwhatsapp, it is a clone version of GBWhatsapp. The feature are almost similar to one we have seen in gbwhatsapp you will find difference in UI and its customization option.

Delta GBWhatsApp APK

7. WhatsApp Indigo

This app brings lots of colorful icons pack which include cyan, smoke, grey, and pink. Whatsapp indigo is more attractive and appealing to engage its user. check someone’ hidden facebook friend list now

  • Always online mode
  • Doodle images
  • Hide ticks
  • Clear used emojis history
  • Hide archived chats
  • Send HD images
  • Send file size 72MB


8. Soula WhatsApp Lite

This app has new emojis, stickers and emoticons. Highly customizable interface and eye pleasant graphics. Run smoothly even in low end devices and brings great control on privacy. This is another modded whatsapp app that offers some unique features

  • Hidden features are unblocked
  • Supports different formats like RAR, APK, PDF and ZIP, etc
  • Send 100+ files at once
  • Lite and stable

Soula WA Lite APK

Risks Associated With Using Modded WhatsApp App

Using alternate versions of whatsapp is not safe. I mean to say that if you are getting ban then you will not able to register with same number to official whatsapp. But there are more risk some major risk are down below.

  1. Modified version of whatsapp are easily prone to inject malware and spyware due to less secure web hosted server. They are more vulnerable to damage users data.
  2. Modified whatsapp version are not encrypted and your messages are easily read by 3rd person. So please don’t share any confidential info like banking details and password with your family using modded apps.
  3. Using modded apps is not illegal but it is against whatsapp policies. Hence you might be ban permanent using official whatsapp.

Note :- Download these apps at your own risk.


Hope you like it if have any doubt then comment and if you know other interesting whatsapp mod app, then please let me know so I can include in above list. All above the best Whatsapp mods apk.


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