5 Methods To Root Any Android Device Without Using PC Or Laptop

Hello friends, in this article I am gonna write about How to root any android device without PC. You guys probably heard that term root because many of the modded apps like ported google camera, custom roms, etc. need rooted device to work with actually gcam needs camera2api enable for working but many device manufacturer not enable it I don’t know why? so for that you need to be rooted device and there are many developers are available and built a custom rom that work fluidly but install only in rooted device. Also see best apps to make your own emoji unlimited free

How To Root Android Phone Without PC

Rooting an android device gives you full access to your device to as you want, but rooting your device will void your warranty. So careful before you heading to root process please read its advantage and disadvantage then proceed further.

Earlier it was a complicated process and need a PC and a custom recovery mod to be flashed but I’m here to guide you a very simple method to root any android device. Single mistake can brick your device within seconds please be careful and follow all steps carefully.

What Is Android Rooting Means?

Rooting is a link breaker that connected with device and manufacturer where they can installed lots of bloatware and not giving full access to our device so we can’t uninstall some apps and block ads in app, device ID, etc. Rooting basically means giving yourself root permissions on your phone.

When you root your android device you are simply adding a standard linux function that removed a small file called switch user is placed in system and given permission so that another user can run it. As you all known that android is using modified version of linux kernel. After rooting we can flash with custom ROMs to our phone which bring lots of extra features and latest security patch which you are not getting with your device manufacturer. Download latest version spotify premium apk

Why You Need Your Android Device Rooted?

Rooting is a process that overcome the odds which means some limitation that are bounded by device manufacturer on their smartphones. Thus rooting gives all permission that perform next level operation that is not possible on non-rooted devices. After rooting you can able to flash your device with custom ROMs and stay updated to android OS and experience the added features on different ROM that offer.

Advantages Of Rooting

Advantages of rooting that gives complete control and every administrator level permission. Some key points down below what your rooted device can level to do that.

  • Install custom ROMs
  • Remove Pre-installed bloatware
  • Stay updated to latest android OS
  • Block Ads in any apps
  • Boost your device performance and battery life
  • Install incompatible apps
  • Customize your old device to new skins
  • Theme support
  • Complete backup with titanium app
Disadvantages Of Rooting

Take a look its disadvantages before you heading rooting process, some android users may know about its pros and cons. Some highlighted cons are down below.

  • Void your warranty
  • Rooting can brick your device
  • Not able to get official firmware updates

Note:- This website and writer are not responsible for any damage to your phone you have to do at your own risk. Check someone’s hidden facebook friend list

Root Your Android Device Without PC And Data Cable

Several years back root process is not possible without PC but now time has changed and apps are developed to root your device in a single click only you have to install one of app listed below give the permission and these apps are work fine I have tried some apps for rooting of my previous device like galaxy grand duos, galaxy y dous, k3 note and lenovo p2 works perfectly. So I am gonna list the app down below which I prefer for root my device.

  1. Kingo Root
  2. Universal Androot
  3. Baidu Root app
  4. Towel Root
  5. CF auto Root

How To Check Your Device Whether Its Rooted Or Not

After all above rooting steps if you have doubt that your phone is rooted or not don’t worry for that because I am also sharing one app that verify you whether your phone is rooted or not. Just download app from play store download link below.


If your device rooted then it will show “congratulations this device has root access” and if your device is non-rooted then it will show “sorry this device does not have proper root access. This are the simple steps to check whether your android phone is rooted or not.

How To Unroot Any Rooted Android Phone Without Laptop/PC

What if you want your device non rooted, there’s an app that available on play store and internet that makes your device non rooted and then you are able to receive official OTA updates. You only have to follow a simple steps down below Hack any facebook account ID

  • Download super user app Download SuperSu
  • Install and Open
  • Go to setting and scroll down
  • Now you will see “Full unroot” click on it and then click on continue
  • Now your phone will restart it will automatically remove root access and super su app from your phone.

This is the best and easiest way to unroot your rooted device without any issue and PC/laptop. Download latest FMWhatsapp apk anti-ban


That’s it guys I covered all the possible aspect to guide you for root and unroot process. What are its advantages and disadvantages I covered almost every thing if I forget anything or you have any query about android rooting then feel free to comment below. These are top 5 ways to root android device without PC hope you find this article helpful I have shared 5 apps to root any android phone.



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