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Fastest Web Browser For Android – If we want knowledge from internet or searching webpages or watching videos internet speed are must to save our time and patience while loading, but majority of people are on regular mobile internet not on broadband. If you are from India and using jio 4g internet or any other operators internet you feels regular mobile internet like torture of tortoise speed . The Browser listed below is faster than some of the popular browser like Chrome, FireFox, UC Browser and many more trust me guys I personally tested the speed and these browser has some additional features like you can easily browse websites which is banned by government without any VPN, Proxy or any third party apps.


1. Puffin Web Browser

You can experience thrilling speed of puffin web browser apk, it includes adobe flash over cloud 24/7. Puffin web browser is a wicked fast mobile browser because of encrypted cloud server so its fast and safe. Puffin offers some additional features like save your data and best built in Ad blocker. Puffin web browser offered  by CloudMosa, Inc. its data centers are in USA.

Features –
  • Faster page load and rendering speed
  • Incognito mode
  • Built-in Ad blocker
  • Full web experience (mobile and desktop view)
  • Fastest JavaScript Engine
  • Adobe flash support over cloud 24/7
  • Theatre mode for games and flash videos
  • Color theme for sidebar and toolbar
  • Virtual trackpad and gamepad
  • Download to cloud (1GB per file)

How Puffin Web Browser Works and Why ?

Puffin speeds up mobile browsing by shifting workload from resource limited devices to the cloud servers and resource demanding webpages can run super fast on your phones or pc. Puffin server are encrypted from all traffic from puffin app to server, and protection from hackers and its safe to use public non-secure WiFi through puffin. This protection are not available at most browsers.

Install from PlayStore


2. Maxthon Browser – Fast & Safe Cloud Web Browser

Maxthon is a 5th generation web browser developed by Maxthon USA Inc. which was awarded Best Browser consecutive three years. Especially created for those who spend too much time on the web every day, so whats stopping you to switch faster and lighter browser to improve efficiency and save data now.

Features –
  • Built-in Ad Blocker
  • Incognito mode
  • Built-in note taking tool
  • Built-in password manager
  • Built-in email addresses manager
  • Night mode
  • Smart image display
  • Easy multi tabs managements
  • Customizable speed dial
  • SYNC across devices
  • Multi language supports (25 languages currently)


Why Maxthon Web Browser ?

Maxthon web browser offers some cool features like, you can make notes easily while browsing the web and save any content you see on the web with single tap and read, edit and organize your data even in offline.

I personally like its powerful Ad Blocker, it blocks pop-ups and ads. The best part of maxthon browser is it block ads including Youtube videos ads. If you want to block Youtube video ads so install and save your internet data.


Install from PlayStore

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