How to Find the Name and Operator of Mobile Number Owner

Trace Phone Number Owner Information

In this Article You are Going To learn how  find cell phone number owner name free India is having the largest telecommunication system and more than 929 million mobile phone users are there in India. In this article you will know how to trace mobile owner name, location and mobile number operator. There are more ways to trace the location of mobile phone number and most of the websites gives fake information and some websites restrict users from viewing owner of the mobile phone. Also checkout latest version of GB WhatsApp Apk and check trick to know Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile Today.

Trace Mobile Number

Steps for tracing name of the owner

1. True Caller

First, go to the True caller website and the selected country as India and enter the phone number which you need to trace. Then click on the search button and login with any social network or email. Here I found my own location and name. Here is the screenshot of it.

I found my location and name of operator as I logged into my social network and then they trace it. Sometimes if we search for a number which is not there in a social network or email, it will give results as ‘no matches found’. Also on the true caller page, there is a download link which allows the users to download an application for mobile phone. When we download it, they will be able to fetch our details. Have a look on How to Join & Share WhatsApp Group Links Easily Publicly.

When someone downloads the application and install it on their mobile phone the website true caller scans all the contacts from the how do i find out cell phone number owner  mobile phone and saves it to the how to find a cell number owner true caller contacts directory. If you feel unsafe, you can remove the name from their directory and can also remove your number from the website. Read Guide to Change MAC Address on Any Android Device (MAC Spoofing).

Scared If Someone Finds You On True Caller ?

I’m Kidding! No Problem Here’s The Solution To Unlist/Remove Your Mobile Number From True Caller.

  • First, go to True Caller Unlist Name Page.
  • Now, select your country and type your number in it. You Can See Form Looks Like This Image Below :Unlist No. From TrueCaller
  • Then enter the captcha and click Unlist button.

Like this we can unlist our name from the true caller and when we search it again it shows that no match found.

2. India on a Page

Go to India on a Page’s Mobile Number Trace website, then enter the mobile number which we need to trace and now you will be getting the desired result.

India on a pge trace

3. Reverse Phone Lookup

The Reverse phone lookup is also the best way for finding a mobile number and the name of the owner. It is specially designed to trace mobile numbers of USA. The service is straightforward, but this service won’t as free one.

Reverse Phone Lookup

4. Facebook

Another best way to lookup someone’s phone number is Facebook. Open the Facebook and enter the phone number you need in the search box, if the user has associated his details on Facebook profile it will appear in top search results. These are the best ways for How to find out a cell phone number owner. Also Download Facebook Social Toolkit Premium for Free.

Most Frequently Asked Questions : 

Q1) I lost my mobile phone and I want to trace where it is now, Is it possible?

Ans: There are many ways to do this but the precautions must have been done before. There are few software that allow you to set a secondary phone number to be alerted when the SIM card is changed from your phone. If you have an iPhone you can use Find my iPhone Application and find the exact location if the internet is still turned on in your phone.

Q2) Someone is using abusive words from random numbers, how can I find his name?

Ans: Using one of the above mentioned service you can get his name but if the SIM card is new then the name might not be registered in the True caller database.

Q3) A person Stole money from me and I have his number, How do I track him?

Ans: You need the help of police for this purpose as tracking the exact location using GPS is only possible by government officials.

Q4) A person is using his contact and blackmailing me, how should I trace him?

Ans: What are you going to do after tracing him? This is a serious case where you need help from police. Contact them immediately!


Q5) My boyfriend is messaging to a girl, Can I track the number using WhatsApp number?

Ans: WhatsApp number of girls are 90% kept private but you can give a try by saving their number on your phone.


Final Words

Hope This Article Will Helps You To Find Mobile Number Owner, Operator and Location. If You Liked This Post Please Share It With Your Friends. If You Faced Any Problem Do Comment Here i am Happy To Solve Your Issue.

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