How To Fix Smartphone Hang/Freeze/Lag Issue

Hello friends, Today I am gonna share the most common problem every android or smartphone user experience with time I will share the reasons why your smartphone hang. And how you can fix android or iphone lag issue and make it smooth user experience. I am not telling you to download these or that app or software I am sharing all safe and inbuilt ways to fix smartphone freeze issue. Probably you will notice the time increases of app opening and switching between application which is very frustrated and irritating.

Top Reasons Why Smartphone Hang or Lag

I covered most common and personally faced problems and some other issue regarding fix smartphone hanging issue. Smartphone hang not a big issue its just a kind of time when your device feels overloaded and needs fresh starts that’s why sometimes smartphone reboots itself.

1. RAM

The main component which is responsible for application open and available free RAM can open more apps without any problem. Insufficient RAM is the most important and major roll plays in smartphone hang. I make it simple for you, you need to understands the math it is inversely proportional.

Lower the RAM Higher the Chances of Lag, Hanging and freezing.

That’s why now a days majority of peoples lean on higher numbers of RAM. So, if you notice any hang or screen delay on your application switching opening then you need to force close some of apps which don’t use at that time and always clear recent task.

2. Application and Software Optimization

CPU of any device needs a fully and well optimize software for their peak performance so if your phone having lots of bloatware and junk just get rid of it and sometimes we install many apps on our device which is eat our RAM and battery in background. And if your device UI is not well optimize then root your device and shift to custom stock ROM which gives better battery and smooth experience and many extra benefits of rooted device.

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3. Internal Memory

Storage is also one of the reason of smartphone hang but its not a major problem you just need to transfer some data to external storage or cloud or delete the duplicate files, junk, delete some file. Or else you not able to install any new app from playstore.

4. Processor

Sometimes the processor is responsible for lag and hang and not able to manage multi apps. Managing multiple apps need higher numbers of core to perform side by side. If your device has single core or dual core your device cpu can’t handle five apps in background flawlesly. So you to restrict your self and for lag free interface I suggest use two apps at a time and close them when you use other apps.

5. Battery

Lack of juice its not a big deal and not apply for all smartphone available at market as of now  because I know some devices which lower their performance so they can give extra battery backup like Xiaomi redmi note 5 pro downgrades own performance when battery percentage less than 20. But as I mention above its not applicable for all devices because mine lenovo P2 didn’t lag even at less than 5 percent battery I notice while playing PUBG mobile at 2 percent.

6. Downloading Apps From Third Party

I personally suggest don’t go any where else for downloading apps because google playstore gives you security check and virus free apps. Play protect is always checking your installed apps time to time and you probably heard this news like es file manager data theft and google immediate kick es file manager out. Third party apps may be comes with virus which may be loop your device auto shutdown or screen freezing.

7. Operating System

Manufacturer keep pushing updates of bug fix and monthly security patch. They try to fix the bugs and make smartphone runs smooth as butter. But sometimes we didn’t get any update which leads to lagging the phone.

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8. Multiple Apps Open At a Same Time

As I mention above if your device has less than 4GB RAM and Quad core then try to sticks with two to four apps at a time or else your device become too slow and tortoise will finish race first.

9. Too Many Services Active At a Same Time

Don’t use all services at same time like wifi, data connection, NFC, bluetooth, GPS, synchronization, screen cast, hotspot, etc  you may face your smartphone starts lagging. Just turn off services which is not using by you or you forget to turn off after using it.

10. Inbuilt Features

In this section I am gonna share tips how you can get rid off RAM shortage and non efficient processor. By using this feature you can experience the difference because their are many users not aware of this best feature and not using it.

So, go to setting and search for background app management and turn on apps which you don’t want to run in background. One more go to setting -> About phone -> Tap on Build number 7 times after enable of developer option go their and look for animation scale reduce it and stick with 0.5x. that’s it

This feature I like the most and one of the main feature I am looking for before I make purchase any smartphone.

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Final Words

I think I cover all the major factor which is responsible for smartphone hang, lag and freeze issue hope you like it and aware how to get rid of smartphone hang issue if you have any query or suggestion feel free to drop a comments.

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