TeamViewer Alternatives : Top 10 Best Free Remote Desktop Software 2021

This article is helpful for you, if you are looking for teamviewer best alternatives. Earlier it was only TeamViewer application provide services like primary remote management software solution in IT but everyone complains about that its price too high though teamviewer is still a very useful and best solution for remote control and remote support I am not deny that. Check for Netflix premium account

If you are from IT sector or MSP guy looking for best teamviewer alternatives then you came at right place I am gonna list 10 best remote desktop software 2021 and some others remote management tool.

Why Teamviewer Alternatives?

For new users, teamviewer application is not easy to configure and use which leads to a security related issue. If application not properly configured, then user might get a risk. Teamviewer business features need a hefty money to enjoy premium feature though you get a free version teamviewer to use with limitation thats why many users looking its alternatives. It also has its limitation in terms of security and poor image quality. Well in this article I share 10 best TeamViewer alternatives which can help you to find best remote desktop software for you.

Now Its Time to Switch TeamViewer Alternatives

I am damn sure, many of you will continue to rely on TeamViewer no matter what its because of nature of habit at least in immediate maybe you switch in future. So here are the 10 best TeamViewer alternatives for remote desktop. visit for best professional video editor for android

1. Ammyy Admin

I introduce Ammyy Admin as the first alternative to teamviewer you think why this is at first place because its easy to use, simple operation and file size less than 2MB. Ammyy admin is a tool for remote desktop and remote management multi-functional softwate. A unique ID is created for every user that can be used to connect another computer means that computer is protected from unwanted entry. You able to change the settings to make it even more secure. Ammyy admin allows direct data transfer and beneficial to have constant access to file system, when you transfer big files. These remote desktop is very useful for distance learning and presention since you can communicate with each other via chat.

ViSiT — Ammyy Admin

2. LogMeIn

LogMeIn is another popular alternative to TeamViewer which is very simple and well optimize not only that it comes with 1TB of cloud storage so that your team can access if you want to. This app allow access of desktop, remote print, on going session are secured with TLS 1.2 transport security and AES 256-bit encryption. It’s major limitation is that it doesn’t provide users to conduct team conference meeting and it let you access a total of 10 computers at one time, so it may not be the right choice for large teams. Working SonyLiv username and password for free

ViSiT — LogMeIn

3. AnyDesk


AnyDesk owner claims that it is the fastest teamviewer alternative in the world and why not it available on all major platforms like Linux, windows, macOS, android, iOS, etc and its service brings one of the fatest data transmission rates with 60FPS screen sharing. It work with very low latency which means your actions seen immediately on remotely controlled device. It uses banking standard 128-bit AES technology along with 256 bit AES encryption to verify every connection. This security will ensures that your computer is protected from unauthorized access. It requires less than 2MB in size lots of feature in free version. latest FMWhatsApp anti-ban v8.05 apk

ViSiT — AnyDesk

4. RealVNC Connect

VNC connect session are 256-bit AES encrypted and password protected it comes with free and paid services but commercial use comes at a considerably expensive price. VNC connect features high-speed streaming for fastest remote access. It is screen sharing software that lets you to connect to a remote computer in the world, watch its screen in real time and take control. Comes with cross platform supports PC to PC and mobile to PC across windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, iOS and android. However none of these VNC connect editions offer features for web conferencing.

ViSiT — RealVNC Connect

5. UltraVNC


UltraVNC is the open source software is an excellent alternative to teamviewer and one of the best and top rated remote desktop software for PC. VNC stands for virtual network computing based on remote frame buffer protocol. It comes with completely free and quick option setting you can select according to your internet its biggest drawback is only available to windows.

ViSiT — UltraVNC

6. WebEx

If you are still searching for the teamviewer alternative then WebEx might be the best for you. You can try cisco own webex its available on all major platforms like Linux, android, windows, mac, iOS, etc. If you require additional capacities and features I recommend you to purchase a premium package. By then you can organize web conferences with up to 100 participants, access various screen sharing option and create specific user profiles e.g. to designate moderators. Premium features allows you to access systems remotely and protect your meetings using password and allows you to meetings in microsoft outlook. Window 7 launcher for any android

ViSiT — WebEx

7. Chrome Remote Desktop

It is another remote desktop which is only work with google chrome web browser because it is quick and easy to use google chrome extension and also available android. As above mention this is chrome extension which means it lacks some features like screen sharing, chats, or video conferencing.

ViSiT — Chrome Remote Desktop

8. NoMachine

NoMachine is one of the fastest and highest quality remote desktop and remote management. It is one of the best TeamViewer alternative, it can allows you to live stream audio video, record your session, access files and transfer them. NoMachine works with all major operating system platform like linux, windows, mac, iOS and android. Best part this app is it comes with completely free and without any ads. Bypass survey and download your file

ViSiT — NoMachine

9. JoinMe


JoinMe offers some of best known features you rely on every day like audio, recording, scheduling, and remote control. Its free version brings to organise ordinary conferences for up to 10 participants and for video transmission up to 5 users. In addition of it offers data sharing, screen sharing, VoIP and video features. JoinMe software is offers two package subscription one for productivity increasing pro feature and additional administration capabilities for business users. It allows to 250 participants in meeting and plugins for outlook and google calendars, it also offers cloud storages to 5GB for pro and 5TB for business users you can use this storage to record your meetings.

ViSiT — JoinMe

10. SupRemo

SupRemo software comes with minimal easy user interface, powerful and complete solution for remote desktop management control and support. Its safe and secure AES 256-bit encryption and allows you to customize its user interface to display your company’s logo. Its main drawback is it does not support voice and available for macOS private beta, it only available for windows, iOS, and android. Bypass otp verification by indian disposable mobile number

ViSiT — SupRemo

Bonus :- Please check these too if you didn’t find best teamviewer alternative from above.
  1. ThinVNC
  2. Mikogo
  3. Lite Manager
  4. Dameware Remote Everywhere
  5. Splashtop
  6. Parallels Access
  7. BeyondTrust
  8. Zoho Assist
  9. Goverlan Research
  10. ConnectWise Control
  11. Simplehelp
  12. DWService


Well that’s it guys you will find this article helpful for top 10 Best Free Remote Desktop Software 2021 I search internet and found some more teamviewer alternative you can check those. If still have any doubt or query please let me know just comment on below box.

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