How To Get Mythic And Legendary Items In PUBG

Hello friends, today I am gonna share my knowledge for how to get mythic and legendary items in PUBG. You probably know that facts that currently PUBG is most playable games in India thats why PUBG has comes with health safety warning factors of 6 hours daily. PUBG is so addictive shooting game that woman seeks divorce as husband stops her from playing PUBG. But if you are PUBG players and you play honestly and collect crates scrap coupon wether it is PUBG premium crates, Classic crates, or normal crates you always get shirts, pants, under garments. Because I don’t know what PUBG has done for Indian players I never get legendary Items cause I not so lucky. But if you have luck you may be get chances to get legendary items, gun skins, or vehicle skins.

How to Open PUBG Crates for Legendary Items –

Here I am gonna tell something you may familiar with, friends on lottery tickets or pubg crates opening you need luck but here you can get increase your chances more to get legendary pubg items. So what would you need to do, you need a server other than India because as I mention above I don’t what pubg coding has done for Indians player most of the players buy royal pass and spend their money a lot. When you on indian server probably gets on crates opening as school pants, green pants, etc you know what I mean to say.

How to Change Server For PUBG Crates Opening To Get Mythic Items-

Well you may be heard VPN application which allows to connect with other regions without our existence in that region. VPN is a virtual private number, we have to select country name in server option and connect. We can change our Indian server to others country by using VPN application. Use VPN for PUBG crates opening.

Well there’s many different types of VPN app available on google playstore and websites but I here to provide you best of best because most of the VPN having lots of ads and connecting issue. Connecting issue occurs when traffic load high. Download VPN from below.

Hotspot Shield VPN –

Hotspot shield premium vpn apk is best of best because its free, simple and user friendly interface. Using VPN you do alot like access blocked app and sites keeping your mobile anonymous and secure. Hotspot shield vpn servers ensure the fastest vpn speed, most stable and secured connection. Hotspot shield vpn powered by AnchorFree, hotspot shield offers vpn coverage from 20 countries. Most trusted vpn has been installed 400 million times and featured on Forbes, CNET, CNN and New York Times. ( 72 countries available right now to choose)

   Download Hotspot Shield Premium APK

    Download PlayStore

Which Server Use For PUBG Crates Opening –

Which server I use for crates opening well friends I gonna tell you true story, you say its 50-50 because I don’t have any luck, but I get something new from crates and three legendary dresses. So you can try because in Indian server my pubg premium crates and classic crates wasted. So I am gonna list that country which I used so far. Currently I have 7 legendary dresses you can see on above left on picture. Trust me guys you will find the differences on crates opening and on redeem section you will find new items and skin you can buy by silver fragment on different server I can not post all of my unique items which I found on different server.

  1. South Korea
  2. Taiwan
  3. Singapore
  4. Germany
  5. Vietnam
  6. Try other country
Final words –

So, you can try one of those or try some other country, or if know other country then comment on comment section to help out other pubg players. If you like it then share with your pubg friends or comment if you have any query.



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