Virtual Indian Disposable Phone Numbers for Bypass OTP

Hello friends, this is the Disposable Fake Phone Numbers which are basically a Virtual Phone Number which is useful for bypass OTP Verification. We didn’t want to share our personal number on some website and want to get information from that site then here comes very handy for bypass OTP Verification via virtual phone number.

If you use virtual phone number for otp verification you will not receive annoying calls and texts from advertiser and you can safe your personal number.


What is Indian Disposable Phone Number?

We can also use Indian Disposable Mobile Numbers for referals earning program or free mobile recharge. Disposable mobile number are basically virtual mobile number which we can use for our benefits like app refers and others without any problem. It work as a real number for verification of OTP via sms in India. These numbers are Fake Indian Mobile Number which are virtually generated and works like a charm.

Notice:- Please do not use these tricks for an illegal purpose.

I would like to suggest you, not to use while creation of new gmail, whatsapp, facebook and twitter etc.


Benefits of Disposable Phone Number

  • Signup free (No need of Registration)
  • Free of cost
  • Get OTP in few second



Working disposable virtual phone number verification bypass websites is listed below. These websites are totally free without any registration and personally tested by me.


How to Bypass OTP by Disposable Phone Number

  1. Open any disposable phone number website listed below
  2. Pick any country
  3. Wait for 5 second for OTP



1. FreePhoneNum

FreePhoneNum is one of the best disposable phone number website which helps to get instant otp. This website provides additional feature like Send Free SMS. You can send message to your friends, family and relative from anywhere in the world.


Visit FreePhoneNum


2. Receive-sms-online

On this website you get otp from countries such as India, Russia, USA, Spain, Croatia, France, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, etc. It updates daily one number from different countries.


Visit Receive-SMS-Online


3. Grabfone

This is another website that helps on verifying sms otp instantly. No need to signup and pay a fees. Just follow simple step

  • visit website and click on get started
  • pick any country
  • select number
  • view otp or sms


Visit Grabfone


4. Hs3x

Another working disposable phone number that provide five virtual phone number from different countries and you just click on read sms on that number you use to bypass the verification.


Visit Hs3x


5. FreeSMSVerification

This is another alternative that has same feature of bypass the otp verification via virtual phone numbers. It provides one or two numbers from different countries like USA, India, Australia, Germany, UK, etc.


Visit FreeSMSVerification


This is top working websites who provide disposable phone numbers for bypass the otp verification and you save your private number. There are many websites who provide this otp bypass feature if you interested then you can check too listed below some others disposable phone numbers



These are the list of some working websites who provide Virtual Disposable Mobile Numbers of India please don’t use for illegal purpose as these numbers will get banned. Its totally your responsibilities and its consequences for illegal activity.






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