Best Apps To Make Your Own Emoji Unlimited For Free [Top 10]

Hello friends, today I am gonna share with you top 10 best apps to make your own emoji you can either take selfie or select any pic and create your own Emoji/Avtar. After that you can send these emoji on various social media platform and use it like they use other emoji on their smartphone.

How You Can Make Emoji Yourself

Now a days emoji has created its own place in the world of technology and emoji’s are used by many peoples to express their emotions and feelings. There are many messaging apps and keyboard apps are available which allows us to send our feeling in the forms of emoticons emoji’s on chat. But have you ever think about making your emoji and use on social sites frankly speaking there are tons of app available on different app stores and websites for your smartphones which allows you to make emoji yourself. Also check latest version of spotify premium apk

Top 10 Best Apps To Make Your Own Emoji

Best emoji apps I am going to list below whether you use android or ios you can easily install these apps and use absolutely free and some of them are having their paid version as upgrade. You can use emoji’s creator apps on your device to make your own emoji. Check hidden facebook friend list of your facebook

1. Gboard Minis

Gboard Minis is the best app to make your own emoji but I know some people don’t want to install any kind of additional app on your device because it occupy storage and eat some RAM so, here’s trick you can directly make your emoji using Gboard Keyboard app only you need to update to the latest. Updated Gboard brings many features like floating keyboard and clipboard etc. This app is available for both android and iOS devices. This app has some improved artistry and algorithm which makes your emoji realistic, you can click your selfie to create your own emoji instantly. Gboard keyboard is now fully customizable and your created emoji will appear under the stickers section on the app.

2. Bobble Keyboard

Bobble keyboard uses a cartoonish or sketched type texture in the variety of different packs, bobble is quite simple and fantastic application for android which allows to make your own emoji. You can share created stickers directly to any social platform whether use you android or iOS this app work absolutely fine and available for both. Best paytm earning games must read

3. EmojiArt

Using emoji fills new life to our feelings which plain text never done before, emojiart well organized with more a thousands of beautiful emojis. It allow various customizable emoji options you can select one and easily share with in your chat, this app freely available on play store for android user.

4. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is another emoji creator app that use widely and downloaded from google play store because this app integrated with snapchat emoji service. Bitmoji app is quite famous and use by tinder users and thats why it is one of the trendy app use by teenager’s. This app is highly customizable emoji avatar and using this app is very simple.

5. Swift Keyboard

Swift keyboard is a very popular keyboard app in google play store and apple iOS. This keyboard pushes by some of device manufacturer because swift keyboard preinstalled on newly unboxed smartphone. This app has collection of coolest emoji and is very easy to use. This app comes with paid and free version both available on play store and iOS.

6. Imoji

Imoji is another interesting app which allows to users create your own emoji. This app is available on both platform android as well as iOS. The best part of this app is that there’s no limit for creating emoji, but it is independent messenger app that is the biggest disadvantage of this app. Access blocked website without vpn

7. Zmoji

Zmoji is a non AI-based cartoon look emoji creator app which are available on both android and iOS devices. It will allow to adjust hairstyle, ears, forehead, nose, face color, clothes and much more. You can create your selfie a cartoon look and you can also create GIF of your emoji.

8. Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons

Emoji keyboard cute emoticon has more than thousands of emoji including GIFs, emoticons and more. It provides customizable option so user can customize any emoticon according their wish even they create their own emoji, user install the app directly from google play store.

9. Emojily

Emojily app is different kind of emoji creator app which will ask first two option at time of open, and once you selected one then you can customize the emoji according to your wish such as nose, eyes, mouth, eyebrows, expression and more. This service is a free but there is paid service also with lot more premium option for enhance your emoji.

10. Emoji Type

It is one of the best AI-based emoji creator app which is very similar to KeyMoji app. This app is self integrated with twitter, facebook and more apps so you simple search emoticons from search bar and edit the emoji according your choice and best part of this app is, it comes with history so past emoji you want to use now you simply able to do that on single tap. This app is freely available on google play store. Install latest GBWhatsapp


These are the top 10 best emoji maker app as of my knowledge but there are tons of more app available on different online stores. Maybe you found any other app interesting and simple, so just inform us by commenting on comment section so we can test the app and include in the list. Hope you find this article helpful above all emoji apps are free.

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